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Disputed Island of Liancourt Rocks between Japan and South Korea

Liancourt Rocks: located on Sea of Japan. Japan call it Takeshima and Korea call it Dokdo.

Longtitude and Latitude: 37"15N, 131"52'E

Shape: Consist of two main pinnacles with 33 small rocks. Square

The location of Lianocurt Rocks, Ulleungdo's Jukdo n Gwaneumdo
Argonaut Island -Not exist ghost island, reported wrong survery result for Ulleungdo by Eurpean

temporary believed its existence and drawn the sea chart.

temporary had been called Takeshima by Japanese from 1850's~1900's.

UlleungdoT˓@@-Big siland on the east of Gwan-won do].

Called Dagelet by European.

Called Takeshima(1590's ~1840's )/Matsushima by Japanese.(1850's~)

Jukdo|@@@@@ -most prominent adjunctive island ,northeast of Ulleungdo called Sokbo area.

Called Bossoule Rock by European.

Gwaneumdoω -2nd prominent adjunctive island ,northeast of Ulleungdo called Sokbo area

called Seommok/q/Sokotol by locals.

Check those islland on Naver Map abaout Ulleugndo's Jukdo and Gwaneumdo ,noerheast of Ulleungo

T.It has concruded that Liancourt Rocks be territory of Japan.

EPeace Treaty of San Fransisco and Rusk Doccuments.

ESyungman-Rhee's military oparation, invasion to diprived of Liancourt Rocks on 1954 and

Unlawfully occupied and regislated Lianocourt rocks as Korean adress.

@@EThe evidence that Korea invade to steal Lianocurt Rocks on 1954

U.Antique Map Collections.

@.Japanese Map of Liancourt Rocks, I.Dagelet(Ulleungdo) and Argonaut

1.Japan's Detail map of Takeshima(Ulleungdo) and Matsushima(Lianocurt Rocks).

2.Till A.D1800's Japanese maps

-Takeshima(Ulleungdo),Matsushima(Liancourt Rocks)

3.A.D1800-1850's Japanese maps

4.A.D1850-1880's Japanese maps

-Takeshima(Argonaut), Matsushima(Ulleungdo)and Liancourt Rocks

5.A.D1880- Japanese maps.

-Takeshima(Argonaut) , Matsushima(Ulleungdo)and Liancourt Rocks

6.Modern detail maps of Ulleungdo by Japanese

@A.Korean Map of DageletiUlleungdo) and Bossole Rock(Jukdo-Usando)

(Liancourt Rocks had not been listed on any Korean historical maps)

1.Before 18Century Chosun(Korean) antique maps

2.Chosun dynasty's inspector's Detail maps of Ulleungdo after 1696

3.A.D.1700's-1800 Chosun(Korean) antique maps

4.1800's-1870's Chosun(Korean) antique maps.

5.1880's-20Century Korean antique maps

V@Map analysis

@@.What is Usando? but it is clear that Usando is Jukdo, never Lianocurt Rocks

0.Ulleungdo detail maps and records, Korean applies 10.2Km instead of

10.4Km of orthodox Korean measure.

1.Before18Century,Korean have no confirmed recognization of Usando.

Usando-West/ Southwest/ northwest of Ulleungdo.

-Usando on Paldo-jidois never Lianocurt Rocks.

@@ -Tchian chan tao on Royalume de Coree is never Liancourt Rocks.

2.After 18Century,crue from Korean Ulleungdo inspector's map shows

Usando is Jukdo. no liancourt Rocks

Anh Yonbok's unlogical report about Usando

3.Ousan on European Maps are Jukdo| , no liancourt Rocks.

4.Old name of Usando-Jukdo was forgotten, instead of commonname of Jukdo-Boussole Rock and revival recognization of Usan as old name of Ulluengdo,.

considering from different Kim Jonho's map between 1830's and 1860's.

5.UsanR on ؑS}, on is Ulleungdo's Jukdo|, no Liancourt Rocks.@

6. R| on cV.1899. it is Boussole Rock Jukdo.

7.SeokdoΓ on Imperial Edictؒ 41 (1900) is no Liancourt Rocks.Liancourt Rocks is out of Ulleungdo district.

@@ 8.Korean's doccuments showsthat Korea's recognization of its own easternmost boundary.

These evidence shows Korea never recognized Lianocurt Rocks as their own territory.

@@@ a.130"56'E Ulluengdo's Jukdo is easternmost territory of Korea from various records.

Liancourt Rocks located on 131'52E, out of Korea's easternmost boundary.

b.Korea recognized the width of Ullegundo District is 70~40, circle distance 200


A.I.Seeking for Takeshima and other one island.

1.Takeshima| on Hayashi Shihei's юq map is Ulleungdo and Jukdo|.

2.Usando and Ullenundo- Korean peninsula discription on Japanese map which referenced from Korean maps.

3.Argonaut ,Dagelet, Mano-shima or Iga-Shima(Boussole Rock), or Liancoaurrt Rocks?

@@@@-Consider |O꓇, what is unknown hother one island"?

4.Why Japanese believe the existence of Argonaut island?

Consider another example of Gandis island(mj

5.Argonaut ,Dagelet, or Lianocourt Rocks?

@@@ 1.Goverment, Imperial Navy/Army Map of Dagelet(Ulluengdo)and Liancourt Rocks.

2.Argonaut and Dagelet(Ulleungdo),Privator published Map.

BConsidering moderm maps related Ulluengdo and Liancourt Rocks.

1.Geographycally, Lianocurt Rocks are on on the Japan's continental shelf

2.Strange trimming of Ulluengdo's Jukdo on Google Earth.

3.Google Earth Updated new satellite data of Ulluengdo map with Usando-Jukdo and Gwameumdo(Small Usando).

4.Sea Of Japan? or East Sea? East sea is distorted story.-Korean Sea become Korea Strait and Broughton Bay=Korean Sea or East Korean Gulf

WWhich country established actual control on Lianocurt Rocks?

@@.1-Japan's established actual control on Liancourt Rocks from 17 century

2.Argonaut island, Dagelet island n Boussole rocks, and Liancourt Rocks.

3-Shimane Prefecture's incorporation of Lianocurt Rocks on 1905

A.Usando is never Liancourt Rocks, UsandoR is Ulleungdo's Jukdo|.

@@1.Before 18C-Korea doesn't recognized Usando cleary of its position..

@@2.After 18C - Korea started geography Inspections and supervise on Ulleungdo.

- Map/ Inspector's records(every korean inspector had not been to Liancourt Rocks)

3.Visible OR Invisible Dispute.

-Korean's historical record showss Ulleungdo can be seen from Korean peninsula,

not Liancourt Rocks from Ulleungdo.

@B.Fishing activities around Liancourt Rocks- When and how korean recognized

Lianocurt Rocks?

0.Sealion lives not only Lianocurt Rocks but also Ulleungdo and wide area eastcoast

of Korean peninsula.

1.Around 1880,Korean immigrant on Ulleungdo has mostly farmer, or timber cutter,

ship builder and Seaweed collector are minority and seasonality visitor.

2.Records of fishery on Ulluengdo and Liancourt Rocks around 1900A.D.

3.Syungman Rhee's War Crime-Illegally Invasion onto Lianocourt Rocks and he kidnapped

4.000 Japanese fishermans to ask money to Japan.

W.Korean's brainwash Propaganda toward Young children.

If the video is deleted, just serch "korean" "education" or "brainwash" "propagand"on Youtube or Google.

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