2 A French geologist D’Anville’s “Map of Joseon(Royaume de Coree)

NEVER records Lianocourt Rocks(Takeshima/Dokdo) as a Korean territory.


Anyway, Check it the island.

IN the cut out zoom up Map on the right side, there are two island.

One is Fang Ling-tao鬱陵島,the other is Tchian Chan tao 千山島


Anyway, Check by yourself the map and location, figure, then compare with Lianocurt Rocks.


Tchian-chan tao on Danville Royaume deCore’e




Liancourt Rocks


SouthWest of Fangling tao


NorthEast of Ulleungdo

SouthEast of Ulleungdo


Half way between Korean peninsula to Ulleungdo


very closer distance:2Km

Away from Ulleungdo 87.4KM


Single big island.


Single island - Narrow-wide north to South


Two main pinnacles with many small rocks.


Judging from the result above, this map is similar design written in China, based on the information of 八道総図 in 東国與地勝覧,

that is to say, Usando on this map referenced from the old concept of Usando, which Korean had never cleary recognized that

It is One island twin names, or two island two names.


Furthermore, European “Discovered” Ulleungdo-Dagelet by French ,La Perouse on MaY1785 after that Ulleungdo was known to European.

Liancourt Rocks was discovered by French ship Liancourt on 1849 ,located 37”2N 131”46’E,after that Lianocourt Rocks was known to European.


  Danville Rouyalme de Coree          Thian Chan tao千山島 Fan-Ling tao江陵島(Ulleungdo                   

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