In 1899, Korean inspector Inspected Ulluengdo with French cusom officer La porte and

Japanese Vice councel staff  Akasaka at Pusan..

The 皇城新聞newspaper reported their inspection on Ulluengdo

(See the full text images)

In this newspaper, UsandoJukdo于山島竹島 is one island having twin names of Usando于山島 and Jukdo竹島..

Usando is discribed as most prominent adjunctive island, east of Ulleungdo in the many ancient map of Ulueugndo,

on the other hand, name of Jukdo is described in the detail map of Ulluengdo after 1882 maps and after 1794 reports which are

also recognized most prominent adjunctive island of Ulluengdo.

It is false information that some Korean scholor insist Usando is Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima/Dokdo)

First of all, consider "what is Small six adjunctive islands from the Korean old maps.


There are the text of 皇城新聞;(See the full text images)


In the east sea of Ujin蔚珍,there are one island named Ullueng.


There are Small six adjunctive island incruding most prominent adjunctive island of Usando Jukdo.

Also this newspaper said that the distance is 75方里(North-South plus East-west


Around Late of 18the century, we can check two kind of Ulluengdo Map series.

One is Ulleugdo plus Usan于山. For example, 朝鮮全図 1898 ,大韓全図1899 and 大韓與地図 1900..

The other is Ulluengdo plus Jukdo竹島(竹嶼). For example, 鬱陵島外図 on 1882 and attached map by 赤塚正助 on 1900.


So what is Usando on those maps? You can easily get to know about what is the Small Six adjunctive islands.

Check it by yourself Koreans cognizant of Ullunegdo is;

consist from Mainland of Ullungdo Plus Small Six adjunctive islands,

incruding most prominent adjunctive island of Usando=Jukdo..

This five southern coast rocks is maybe phantom island, or three small rocks southrncaost of Ullungdo,

But Korean believe the existence of five southern rocks by their own maps,regarding from Daedongjiji大東地志 by 金正活.








(Check it by yourself: Detail Maps of Ulluengdo Geography,)


The inspector's map which discribes Jukdo as most prominent adjunctive island of Uluengdo.

On the survey of 1882 by LeeGyuwon and 1883by Higaki檜垣,1900 by Akatsuka, Laporte, they reported Jukdo as most proinent ajjunctive island of Ullugndo by their maps.


1882.鬱陵島外図 李奎遠           1883.地図第4号 檜垣


   1900.赤塚 attached map on Ulluengdo report.


Those inspector's maps focused on Jukdo and Gwaneumdo. you can see, inspectors special Map in 1699c.a and 1882(yellowone)

. Left map in 1699 ,They said Big-Usando and Small Usando小于島 is Seommok/Gwaneumdo,.northeast of Ulluengdo.

 Right map in 1882 sayd the Big Usando大于島 is jukdo and Small Usando小于山島 is Seommok島項(観音島) in the Seokbo area,northeastof Ulleungdo.


Second, they didnt use comma between Usando于山島 and Jukdo竹島, Just they wrote UsandoJukdo于山島竹島 without comma,


Though other local product list use comma, which are multiple local products.



Third, they said UsandoJukdo is MOST Prominent adjunctive island. 最著者

Most means ,surpreme one, so it suggests UsandoJukdo is one island.


It is concruded that UsandoJukdo于山島竹島 express it is one island twin names,

It is not about Liancourt Rocks and Jukdo.





*other related sources of adjunctive small six islands;

1901.01.00 朝鮮開化史



Another name is Mulleung and Burleung,which is just similar pronunciations.

There are Big and Small Six islands and most prominent are Usando(which Japanese call it Matsushima) and Takeshima


The Usando (which Japanese call it Matsushima) =Ulleungdo




1901.06.15 黒龍界 韓国沿海事情 P13 第一巻第二号




Ulleugdo ,(nuder the Chungchong administrative) Pinghai-Gun, Wolson-bo ,the isolated island away from the peninsula about 40,

hich has another name of Mulleungdo or Burreung, that is to say, it is Usan-Guk ancient era. Japanese call Ulluengdo as Matsushima.

It is completely wrong information that there are Big and small six islands , andf It is consis from Takeshima/Matsushima,

although which wrote in various Maps.




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