The location of Lianocurt Rocks, Ulleungdo's Jukdo n Gwaneumdo


Im not sure continuously request to Google Earth to upload new Landsat data for Ulluengdo, They updated Jukdo and Gwaneumdo.

It enables you to consider the territorial dispute issue of Liancourt Rocks (Takehsima)

New Updated Landsat data for Ulleungdo. (Compare the previous Pages ,string trimming)


Updated Data for northeast of Ulleungdo, incruding Boussole Rock(Usando-Jukdo) and Gwaneumdo(Small-Usando)


Usando-Jukdo. Boussole Rock     Seommok(Cape) and Gwnaeumdo(Small Usando)



Ofcourse we know Liancourt Rocks is completely different island ,it is not Usando

Two main pinnacle

89km away from Ullengdo, southeast of Ulleungdo

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