Strange Trimming on Google Earth around Ulluengdo.

Ulleungdo on google earth, there are no image of Jukdo(Boussole rock/Usando) and Gwaneumdo(small Usando)

because of crouded. See this image below;.


Next ,check other satellite images, e.g. Windows virtual Earth.

There are Ulluengdo and Jukdo(Boussole Rock/Usando) on northeast of Ulleungdo.

We can say the position of crowd is same on Google Earth and Windows virtual Earth, that is to say, those are from same data ,except Jukdo.

(It is appeart that Google earth deletes Jukdo(Boussole rock/Usando)




Those two Satellite image data above are from LandSat data, dated on 29th of Sep,1999.(mary land univ)

040-584 2:113/034 1999.09.29 ETM+ EarthSat Maryland Univ website)

The output image of  Landsat data on Kashmir

Completely same with Microsoft Virtual Earth, the position of crowd and Jukdo.

And almost same with Google earth except Jukdo part.(Google earth delete Jukdo)



There are another Ulleungdo image of LandSat ETM+ data, dated on 8th of April,2000,

There are clear image without any crowd, which has Ulluengdos adjunctive islands of Jukdo(Usando/Boussole Rock) and Gwaneumdo

040-585 2:113/034 2000.04.08 ETM+ EarthSat

The image below are  LandSat data dated on 8th of April 2000 ,plot on Kashimir


I feel something strange smell that Google intentionally hide this two adjunctive islands of UsandoJukdo(Bossole Rock).


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