Although,Usando was confirmed as Today’s Ulleungdo’s Jukdo after 1696,

There still exist of Old recognization of Usando, it is located west of Ulleungdo or just a another name of Ulleungdo.

It is not sure there are some relations or not, there are no record of Chosun dynasty’s Ulluengdo Inspection from 1834 to 1880’s.

I guess because of no inspection from 1384 to 1880’s, they would forgot “Usando-Jukdo”?


For example, see the collection of Kim Jonho’s maps.

First time, his maps e.g. 邱図 on 1834 and 東與 on1850’s, he wrote Usando-Jukdo on his maps.

But,he changed Usando recognization  that “Usan于山” is just a another old name of Ulleungdo, referenced recognization of 東国與地勝覧.


邱図 1834 金正浩                                             Usando-Jukdo


東與 1850’s                   A adjunctive island seems to be Usando-Jukdo



Mid of 18th Century 1856-1859 東與図   Usando-Jukdo disappear


1861? 大東與地図

Usan-just old name of Ulleungdo in the Peninsula map (Left). Usando-Jukdo disappear


1861.大東與地図      Usando-Jukdo disappear


1861-63 大東方與全図  Usando-Jukdo disappear



He concluded that Usan is just another old name of Ulleungdo.


1860`s 大東與地全図 Usan于山-Just another old name of Ulluengdo.  



Those below is not by Kim Jonho. But It can assumed that thse are related to above.

1870.19C中後期?朝鮮古分道地圖  Usando-Jukdo disappear

1872  Name unknown                                     Ulleungo only.



Chosun dynasty Ulleungdo Inspector 奎遠, he judged Usan is another old name of Ulluengdo.

Also 禹用鼎,Korean Imperial Ulluengdo Inspector, he judged Usan is another old name of Ulleungdo.


1882 鬱陵島外図

1882 奎遠’s report on Ulleungdo.

He concluded that Usan is another old name of Ulleugndo.

1899 禹用鼎’s report on Ulluengdo

He concluded that Usan is another old name of Ulleungdo.



Though Usando-Jukdo was forgotten around 1860’s,Usando-Jukdo is revival on 1890’s

e.g. 朝鮮地図 ,大韓全図,大韓與地図 and some maps.

(But there are some Maps describing Usando-Jukdo during 1850-1880, which considered copied from the map published before 1850’s describing Usando-Jukdo)

1864.新増大東與地図 Usando-Jukdo

1866-1869.『鰈域全図』江原道図 This Usan shape is referenced from 金正浩’s Ulluengdo-Usando.

1872.大朝鮮国全図 Usan-South of Ulluengdo (Old concept Usan)

1874.Histoire de L'Englise de Coree    Ousan-Jukdo.

19世紀後半 『道理図標』八道全圖  Usando-Jukdo


Year Unknown:東京山川 八道地圖

On the Korean peninsula map, there are Usan, seems to be referenced from 海左全圖

On the other hand, detail map of Ulleungdo, Usando-Jukdo seems to be referenced from orthodox Usando-Jukdo.

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