On this territorial dispute, there are three significant maps,based on the survey.

by Korean official Ulleungdo inspector’s team Geography report.

One is Detail map of Ullungdo on 1711.

The other are Detail map of Ulleungdo c.a. during 19century

(takeshima research academy insist those are 1699 and 1702)


The common,prominent feature on those maps are;

 1:There are Small Six Adjunctive islands/rocks;

)So-called Usando.所謂于山島 in east of Ullugndo

with closer distance, as the most prominent adjunctive island of

Ullungdo.with Bamboo fields. The shape is narrow-wide shapes.

Ofcourse we know Lianocurt Rocks is on 90km southeast of Ulluengdo and

it is not narrow-wide sigle island and The Rocks is  two pinnacle rocks.


And it is barren rocks without Bamboo fields but those historical map shows

Usando is nearby the Ulluengod with short distance.


ⅱ)In addition, there are small five southerncoast adjunctive rocks.     



2:Stanging signs 刻石立標 nearby “the so-called Usando所謂于山島” and

Japanese ship stoage倭舡艙 and 楮田洞.Check on the modern Map

    Which implies Korean Ulleungdo inspector recognized JUKDO-Usando is “What Japan call it Matsushima”

    (Real Japan’s Matsushima is Liancourt rocks, but Korean misunderstood JUKDO(Boussole Rock) is Usando)

    Stanging signs board built on 1711, to protest Japanese on Ulleungdo nearby Usando-JUKDO(Boussole Rk).

 Today, There are the place of name “舡艙”nerarby Jukdo and Gwaneumdo.   


3:Description Distance from prominent point to the Sonirbo聖人峯/中峯(Three peaks三峰)

   East point黄土仇味

   South Point:南陽洞

   East Point:楮田道

   North Point:玄甫


4:Limestone Cave朱土窟.as the landing landmark of Ullungdo from Ujin area(Korean peninsula).

 5Landing point of :舡泊可居

6Discription about ruins基址、stone tomoe石葬、bamboo field.竹田

7:寛豁 and 大川流出


Circular shape map series

Inspector’s map 1711 by朴昌錫.

This map is very significant because early stage of Detail Ulleungdo maps

are referenced from this map.

See map series of Round-Shape 1 below.

1711.1834?)鬱陵島圖形 朴昌錫 奎章閣 (North is Right sideSouth Left

This map is most important and crutial Ullgnudo detail map by Joseon dynasty official team, because This map is

Basement copy for another many Ullnugdo detail maps  

1.This is the first map and basic map drawn Most Prominent Adjunctive island of “So-called Usando, east of Ulleungdo

with smaller size ,single narrow wide shape and they explain the islands have Female Bamboo Field(Hanjing bamboo field)

所謂于山島 海長竹,  Ofcourse, Liancour rocks is two rocks, have no Bamboo Field, it locates 90km off  southeast of Ullengdo.

2.Also first map drawn five southcoast ghost rocks drawn.

3.Also first map drawn Standing stone caving signboard on Wadari.

刻石立標 船舶所倭舡艙民人可居処 所謂芋田洞民人可居処

Cf:Head of Dokdo museum admitted Usando is Jukdo, it is not Liancourt Rocks!

   Claims that Korean han’t recognized what is Usando.


Comparison the feature of the maps of Ulluengdo Inspector’s


The Detail map of Ullungdo 1711 above become base model after that.

Circular shape1 (Six small adjunctive islands-So-called Usando plus five southcoast rocks.)

                 (Five distanceFour distance)

テキスト ボックス:   
Early 18C Name Unknown, 欝陵島           1737-1767 與地圖 鬱陵島
A blog                                      奎章閣 古4709-68
Mid 18C 八道輿地圖 鬱陵島圖        1735-1776 廣輿圖 鬱陵島
韓国国立中央図書館 古2702-14        奎章閣.
1737-1776 輿地圖 鬱陵島圖            1776-87地乘 鬱陵島
韓国国立中央図書館               奎章閣 奎15423

テキスト ボックス:  
Check it!:
So-called Usando,所謂于山島
At the northeast of Ullungdo
 with closer distance!
Nearby the Usando, there are 
刻石立標Standing caving signboard
倭舡艙可居Japanese ship base.
楮田洞 Village/竹田Bamboo field
You can got to know 
there are no Gwaneumdo(Seommok)
because it seems to be as a part of cape
and they don’t recognize it is an island.
Check it! Small five southerncoast
Adjunctive Rocks on each maps!
This rock may be ghost,but Korean believed the existence till the biggining of 20Century



Left;Mid 18C 『海東地圖』大東總圖

Usando describes in the east of Ulleungdo with close distance, narrow wide shapes.

Local products also describes in the map.


Right:Mid 18C『海東地圖』鬱陵島

This is interesting map. Different from above map series, USando is west of Ulleungod with narrow wide shapes.

This image is cutout from the Whole Joseon peninsula map. (Other map here is only Ullungdo detail maps except this)




Pentagram shapesee the consequence from 海東地圖-鬱陵島(Round shape 1:mid 18C)to 朝鮮地圖(Pentaglam:1750-68

1.Most Prominent adjunctive island of Usando is still exist. North east of Ullengdo with close distance. Ulleungdo it self is Pentaglam shapes.

2.Five southern coast ghost Rocks also still exist.

3倭舡艙 is disapper from the map.though Standing stone carving board is still exist.

(It may Implies Japanese left from North of Ulleungdo incruding Usando=JUKDO)


テキスト ボックス:   
Left:1750-68朝鮮地圖                                        Right:1776-86海東輿地圖
奎章閣 奎16030                                         韓国国立中央図書館 古2107-36

Left:Mid19C中旬[憲宗-高宗初(1884-1888)頃 地圖           Right:1795-1800東輿図-朝鮮古圖
高麗大学図書館                                                 筑波大学附属図書館

1780.c.a. 鬱陵島圖                                        Right:1800-1820.朝鮮図 鬱陵島
慶熙 Kyunghee大学                                           大阪中ノ島図書館

Right:1859-65.東輿(写本)                                      Right:1834.靑邱圖 金正浩
韓国国立中央博物館                                             奎章閣古4709-21


Check the position of Usando, checking Kim Jonho’s map on 1834

1.Distance description and Usando Position.

There are no islands describes at the Zero/ 19th or 20th . the position if they mentioned Usando is Liancourt Rocks.

The Usando locates 3/18.  Ulluengdo’s area is within 28km by 16km, circumstances 80km, above the map.

2.Check the shape of Usando, and compare Boussole Rock Jukdo.

The Usando shape completely match with Boussole Rock Jukdo.

Compare with Satellite data of Boussole Rock Jukdo and Usando in antique maps.

Just check by yourself !



Cf: There are many simplifised Ulluengdo and Usando map are shown in the Whole Korean peninsula Map,

 They wrote Ullunegdo and only Usando,which most propminent adjunctive island of Ullungdo locate in northeast of Ullungdo.

simplifized design from those Ulleungdo and Usando’s detail maps by KoreanSee in the map Gallary,

excludes southern coast five adjunctive rocks. Those designs from the Detail Ulleungdo maps.



Detail maps of Ulluengdo by Ulluengdo inspectors who recognized

Big-Usando(Ulleungdo’s Jukdo) and Small-Usando

(Seommok-the cape connect between Gwaneumdo to Ullungdo) as independent island.

テキスト ボックス:   
1780-1832 鬱陵島圖形韓国国立中央図書館 古2702-2 
大于島(=Big Usando=Jukdo) 
小于島(Small Usando=Gwanumdo)in the northeast of Ullungd
small rocks(e.g. Samseon rocks,hole rocks,Bamboo rocks)north east of Ulluengdo
‘takeshima academy insist this map published on 1699

テキスト ボックス:   
1780-1832.鬱陵島圖形 三陟博物館
大于島(=Big Usando=Jukdo) and 小于島(Small Usando=Gwanumdo with twin cave)in the northeast of Ullungdo Small rocks(e.g. Samseon rocks,hole rocks,Bamboo rocks)north east of Ulluengdo

(takeshima academy insist this map published on 1699)


Although Japan’s Takeshima study academy insist that those two map above are publised in 1699 and 1702,which is one of the most oldest Ulluengdo detail maps, I doubt their announce is not correct. .I suggest those two map published on 17801832 ,or 1882-1898, because of the reason below;


1. They added another Small Usando- which is completely match on Gwaneumd,

although other previous map never recognized Gwaneumdo as an island,

(Compare Round Shape 1. Pentaglam Shape, and Round shape 2-they have only Usando=Jukdo)

2. Geography Information more rich and inproved.

It is nonsense that above two maps is older than Pak-Chan Ho’s map on 1711. The above two map has rich information of  the place of name description thant Pak’s map on 1711.  On 1696, Chan han-sang report about Ulluegndo just a geography report but he don’t report any place of name. On 1711 Park Chan ho reported !SO-CALLED Usando and So-called Jodong, So-called and Gong-rock. But the information is less than above two map. So it can assumed above two map is newer than 1711.  Above two map descption is match with the report of Ullengdo Inspector around 1780-1832.

3.Standing Carving Stone Sign is not mentioned already.

(Compare Round Shape 1. Pentaglam Shape, and Round shape 2-they have 刻石立標)

4.Japanese ship stoage move to southern part of Big-Usando(Jukdo),where it seems to be today’d Jodong -harbour.

(Compare Round Shape 1. Pentaglam Shape, and Round shape 2 and Lee-Gyuwon’s map on 1882-they wrote Japan ship stoage on northeast.)

 and Map of Chosun 1898 which draw Ship pier at Jodong or Dogong(sontheast.)

5.Southerncoast five small island is also not exist.

(Compare Round Shape 1. Pentaglam Shape, and some Round shape 2  and Map of Chosun series 1898–they have five southcoast rocks and

And some Round-Shape 2  and Lee-Gyuwon’s map on 1882 -they have no southcoast five islands..)


4 1830-1870’S

Circular shape PartPentagramRound shape form change/ south five island five 3 island

See the consequence from:1834.靑邱圖Pentagram:1834>東與(1859-65)>東與圖(1856-59

金正浩 thought Usan is another name of Ulleungdo, so he delete Usan (Jukdo) from the map

even though he wrote Usando(Jukdo) on his maps in 1830’s of pentagram shape.(See.大東地誌 1864)

テキスト ボックス: Leftt: 大東輿地圖                     
韓国国立中央図書館 古朝61-1  


Right:1856-59 東輿圖. 15-1
金正活 奎章閣
(draft of 大東輿地圖)
金正活? 15-3(鬱陵島部分

Left:1861.大東輿地圖 金正活

Right:.1864.大東輿地圖 金正活
Revised Copy Version.
Usan于山 is additionally
Attached East of Ullungdo..
Japan’s National Diet Library.




1882.Ulluengdo outline Map, inspector’s map by Lee Gyuwon

1.      Most Prominent adjunctive island of Jukdo(Boussole Rock/Usando)

2.      Two design of Seommok島項(Gwaneumdo

one is the figure view from east, which suggests the island seems part of the cape of Ullegundo.

the other is from west, which suggests Island.

3.      Five small southcoast ghost rock is extinct.

Compare with the Japanese detail map of Ulleungdo on 1883 also.【地図第四号】

Comparison the feature of the maps of Ulluengdo Inspector’s


1880-90年代?東京山川 八道地圖 江原道


Round shape1 (Five-distance comments)

Pentagram shape (Mainland of ulungdo,and Usando’s location)

Round shape 2(Southcoast five adjunctive rock

on south-southeast)


1898. 『朝鮮地圖』

Also simplifized Ulluengdo and Usando’s

figure ,developed design of Round-Shape 2

Detail maps of Ulluegndo.

It is same design with Ulleungdo on

大韓與地図 and 大韓全図

Compare Japanese detail map of Ullungdo on 1900, by Akatsuka赤塚正輔


It is apper that USANDO于山島 is not Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima/Dokdo),

but It must be confirmed JUKDO!


Also see:Japanese

 modern detail map of Ulleungdo


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